Transgressive Records was formed by Tim Dellow and Toby L at a painfully young age.

They were frustrated by the fact that bands they loved weren't being heard or treated correctly by the world at large and so set out to make a label that was ethically sound and musically groundbreaking.

Toby, had of course been working on his website for quite some time (not to mention its spin off TV show and club night) and so had a number of good contacts built up.

Tim had been playing in Ship's A Going Down, a mathtastic band lost to the world, and running a vehement fanzine called Road Kill before releasing the first Bloc Party and Rakes singles with his then bandmate.

They met at a Bloc Party gig put on by Toby, where Tim was selling said 7", and after a couple of pints had planned their first three singles.

With a rolling fund of a grand borrowed from Tim's dad and student loan they persuaded The Subways to take a chance with their new venture, and soon had released some of the most vitally important one off 7"s of the time.

After a couple of savvy deals, the boys found themselves in a situation where they could make albums and allow bands to give up their day jobs and compete with the major label dross that was hogging the charts... from this came albums from The Young Knives, Jeremy Warmsley and many more leading to numerous successes including Foals on the cover of 'NME', Young Knives'; Mercury Nomination and some of the world's leading names in music such as The Shins, Regina Spektor and Iron and Wine being released on our little old label...

Picking up Lilas Bourboulon as a label manager, we formed Transgressive Publishing with Warner Chappell and Transgressive Management to look after Johnny Flynn, before moving into Transgressive Producer Management with Claire Southwick.

Looking towards the sunset, Transgressive is taking our undiluted passion for music, respect for artists and long term vision into the future, to create a group that is self-sufficient, ethically bound and important. And vow never to write like politicians again.