David Pye


David is a gifted Engineer/Mixer/Producer.

Beginning his recording career working as an assistant engineer at The Mill Studio, Norfolk David then began to work with local bands and musicians engineering their indie releases. He swiftly became freelance and after building relationships with esteemed producers such as Richard Formby and Rollo Armstrong and becoming their recording/mix engineer of choice he went on to work with the likes of Wild Beasts, Egyptian Hip Hop and many others.

One of the Wild Beasts' album's 'Two Dancers' that David engineered, was also nominated for a Mercury Prize.

Since 2011 David has worked alongside Rob Ellis on a variety of projects including singles with Fever Fever, an EP and debut album with 2:54 and he recently mixed the forthcoming album for Fredrika Stahl for Sony France in his new studio in Norwich.

Progressing into production with Spring Offensive, Olympians and upcoming band The Soft, David is definitely a talent to keep an eye on!!


Wild Beasts Two Dancers (Domino album) Eng
Smother (Domino album) Eng
Egyptian Hip Hop Forthcoming album (Atlas) Eng
2:54 2:54 (Fiction album) Eng
Scarlet (Fiction EP tracks) Eng
Spring Offensive Carrier, Ridgefield & Worry Fill My Heart singles Prod/Eng
Until The Ribbon Breaks Forthcoming album Eng/Mix
Pete Lawrie All That We Keep (Island Records single) Eng/Mix
How Can I Complain (Island Records EP) Mix
Dog Is Dead Tracks (Atlantic) Eng
The Temper Trap Love Lost Faithless Remix (Infectious Records) Mix
I Like Trains The Shallows album Eng
Olympians Book Club (Barely Regal singles series) Pro/Eng/Mix
Ep (Evil Pop) Prod/Eng/Mix
Fredrika Stahl Forthcoming album (Sony France) Mixed
Fever Fever Pins (Gravy single) Eng/Mix
Monster (Cherryade Records single) Prod/Eng/Mix
Bloodless (Cherryade Records EP) Prod/Eng/Mix
Imelda May Proud And Humble (Decca single) Eng
Ideals Let Your Anger Leave You (Intruder Records EP) Prod/Eng/Mix
Wilder Forthcoming album (Rough Trade) Eng
Faithless The Dance (Nates' Tunes album) Eng/Mix
Teenage Fanclub Shadows (Creation/Merge album) Eng
The Cads Lessons: Illustrated (Deadsurfer album) Prod/Eng/Mix
Brothergang Brothergang EP (Gravy Records) Prod/Eng/Mix
Dido Forthcoming album tracks (Sony BMG) Eng/Mix
Aux Innocent Mini album (Intruder Records) Prod/Eng/Mix
Sargasso Trio Forthcoming album (Hungry Audio) Prod/Eng/Mix
Burnin' Burnin' Burnin' (Tummytouch album) Prod/Eng/Mix
EP 1 (Tummytouch Records) Prod/Eng/Mix
Inner City Pirates Ear Sex & If You Want Her (Super Dark singles) Prod/Eng/Mix
Catherine Feeney Hurricane Glass (Tallgrass/EMI album) Eng
The Wild Mercury Sound Forthcoming singles (HannaH Management) Prod/Eng/Mix
Hello Bear Forthcoming singles (NRONE) Prod/Eng/Mix
Darwin & The Dinosaur Forthcoming EP Prod/Eng/Mix
The Kabeedies Rumpus (NRONE album) Eng
The Rushes Various tracks (Island Records) Eng
Cord Album tracks (Island Records) Eng
Tunde Various tracks (RCA Records) Eng
The Crimea Secrets Of The Witching Hour album Eng
Tinman Lithium Ion (NRONE EP) Prod/Eng/Mix>
Lions Tigers And Bears (NRONE album) Prod/Eng/Mix
Violet Violet Ebony And Ivory (NRONE EP) Prod/Eng/Mix
The City Is Full Of Beasts (NRONE album) Prod/Eng/Mix
Uh Ohs Cash Rich (Cherryade Records single) Prod/Eng/Mix
Foreign Office Voices (This Playground Records single) Eng
The Barlights If It Wasn't For The Light (NRONE album) Prod/Eng/Mix
Fiorentina Eleanor track Prod/Eng/Mix
Kunk Forthcoming album Prod/Eng/Mix
Ray Brower Aye Aye Clich (Wetnurse Records EP) Eng
Def Tex Thanks But No Thanks (Son Records album) Eng
Freaks (Son Records single) Eng
Neutrinos One Way Kiss (Wetnurse Records album) Eng
Sebastian Rogers Various album tracks (London Records) Eng
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