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Gaggle - The Best 3K you'll ever spend....

What does money mean to you?

How do you put a value on the things you care about?
Is money the same thing as worth?

This song is precious. And yet, we're told that, nowadays, 'a single' is almost valueless. And that pisses us off.

So we have done a budget of how much this single 'cost'.

The many hours it took to write, arrange, compose, master; the expertise of all the musicians, technicians, designers, producers involved; all money, time, energy, love and blagging that was ploughed into making all that happen. And come up with a VALUE.

We are putting this tune to market for the sum of £3000.

Watch the video for ‘The Power of Money' here:

Having recently performed their special November show Lysistrata, Gaggle - the 22 piece alt choir - are pleased to confirm their next single ‘Power of Money' will be released on December 17th through Transgressive Records.

Taken from their acclaimed debut album ‘From the Mouth of the Cave', ‘Power of Money' follows on from their recent 6Music live session for Lauren Laverne, their residency for Xfm's John Kennedy and album track ‘Bang on the Drum' been featured on Channel 4's Paralympics coverage. / /