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Transgressive - Spring King - 'Mumma'

We're excited to announce that the next single on Paradyse Records will be the debut from Spring King, listen here.

 photo SpringKing_Capture_111_Cast-533x400_zps980495c3.jpeg

After a sleepless night, young producer Tarek Musa set up a drumkit and a Marshall practice amp in a disused broken bathroom in his home in Wilmslow, Greater Manchester. By the end of that same day, he'd recorded 'Let's Ride' and released it online under the alias Spring King to an overwhelmingly positive response.  Now, joined by four friends, they're back with 'Mumma'. Inspired by the phrase 'she must have got it from her mother' overheard from a conversation one evening, a story and narrative began to develop about a girl struggling with addiction, at first set to piano but now against a backdrop of anthemic drums and searing guitars. It showcases the band's new approach to production, but maintains the fuzzy, eccentric character that defines Spring King's sound.


You can pre-order the single here