18/02/13 Flume - OUT NOW
24/05/11 Liam Finn - BARB
27/04/11 Liam Finn - FOMO


Mystery Jets - Serotonin - Limited Edition Vinyl pre-order and video sessions

The aformentioned link leads you to some glorious bonus songs in the form of Skinny Jeane and Make Up Your Mind (which most bands would KILL for as an A-Side) and Damon And Justine.... quality goodness all round....

That Lindstrom remix we've been harping on about on Twitter (as the best remix EVER see will feature on the Itunes version of the album, whilst Loose Lips Sink Ships will be available on Emusic.

You can also see a glorious video of them playing the new single "Dreaming of Another World" live here where you can also see the glorious official video.

You can also see them cover Gorrilaz here...

ALBUM OF THE YEAR? Along with Johnny Flynn, Foals, Two Door Cinema Club and Pulled Apart By Horses YES.