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24/05/11 Liam Finn - BARB
27/04/11 Liam Finn - FOMO


Liam Finn - BARB



Liam Finn's new record FOMO comes out in less than a month now. The special edition version comes with a copy of BARB, Finn's 2010 indie rock super group's debut record (which has previously been unavailable in the UK). You can now pre-order FOMO from the webshops below. Tracklisting for BARB below, it will be released into the world on the 20th June. Sign up to Liam's mailing list here to receive a free download of 'The Struggle', or alternatively you can stream it here, courtesy of Souncloud.


1. "Leo"
2. "Alcoholic Darling"
3. "Not a Bird"
4. "Please Don't Interrupt"
5. "Martin XII"
6. "Time to Contemplate"
7. "Beatman"
8. "Counting Sheep"
9. "2004"
10. "Characterful"
 11. "Nile"
12. "Looking Out Through Barb's Eyes"