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Transgressive - paradYse


"Wolves shall succeed for teachers, grievous Wolves,
Who all the sacred mysteries of Heav'n To
thir own vile advantages shall turne
Of lucre and ambition, and the truth
With supersitions and tradition taint,
Left onely in those written Records pure,
Though not but by the Spirit understood. "

Paradise Lost - Milton

"Left onely in those written Records pure"

We at Transgressive are sick of a moaning industry paralyzed by lack of money, fearful of supporting the most important new artists in the country.

We have launched a new imprint : paradYse to frivolously endorse the genius sounds of new artists with limited runs of 7"s, digital accessibility and Martinis.

The debut 7" is available to pre-order now. It is from an important new band called Theme Park.