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Transgressive - KISSABILITY


Jen Long is a righteous spark of relentless enthusiasm for new music. Anyone
who's heard her BBC Introducing shows, been to any of her Flux=Rad gigs, or
met her in passing will know her encyclopedic knowledge of new regional music
and unfettered enthusiasm for new DIY sounds.

She is EXACTLY the kind of person that should have a further outlet to release
this new vital music. And shout about them.

With this in mind, we're supporting her by creating a modern twist on the classic
punk tape label. It's called Kissability and it goes like this:

Jen picks her favourite new band.

We press up 250 tapes of their first release.

You buy them and enjoy in your Walkman.

There's a QR code which links to a live bootleg of their debut Club Kissability
show which you can download for keeps.


And if you think tapes are obtuse, there's a link on the Kissability site for where
you can buy cheap second hand tape players.

The debut release is from the brutally exciting DZ Deathrays.

MORE INFO HERE: Kissability Tumblr