Paul Savage


Former drummer with The Delgados and co-founder of the hugely influential Chemikal Underground label and Chem 19 studio, Paul has worked on some amazing and seminal albums including; Mogwai's 'Young Team' and recent album 'Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will', Arab Strap's 'Philophobia' & 'The Last Romance', Brakes' 'Touchdown' and Wu Lyf's 'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain'. He also has co-production credits on all 5 Delgados' albums including the Mercury-nominated 'The Great Eastern' and is a deserved winner of the MPG Awards 'Breakthrough Producer Of The Year' award. The Phantom Band even named their debut album 'Checkmate Savage' after him.

Most recently, The Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat album 'Everything's Getting Older' that Paul produced, recorded & mixed was awarded the prestigious 'Scottish Album Of The Year Award' 2012 and Paul had worked on no fewer than 5 albums on the longlist for the award including; Bwani Junction, Miaoux Miaoux and Found. Paul has also just finished producing and mixing Deacon Blue's forthcoming album.


Mogwai Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (Rock Action/Sub Pop album) Prod/Mix
Young Team (Chemikal Underground/Jetset album and singles) Rec/Mix
Ten Rapid (Early singles collection) Rec/Mix
The Phantom Band Checkmate Savage (Chemikal Underground album) Prod/Rec/Mix
The Wants (Chemikal Underground) Prod/Rec/Mix
Wu Lyf Go Tell Fire To The Mountain (Lyf Recordings album and singles) Mix/Add Prod
King Creosote Flick The V's (Domino album) Prod/Rec/Mix
Bombshell (679/WEA album) Rec/Drums
Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells Everything’s Getting Older (Chemikal Underground album) Prod/Mix
Arab Strap Philophobia (Chemikal Underground/Matador album) Rec/Mix
The Week Never Starts Round Here (Chemikal Underground album) Rec/Mix
The Last Romance (Chemikal Underground/Transdreamer album) Co-Prod /Rec
Franz Ferdinand Tonight (Domino album & singles) Rec
All Of My Friends (LCD Soundsystem cover) Eng
The Delgados Domestiques (Chemikal Underground /What Are Records album)Co-Prod/Rec/Mix/Drums
Peloton (Chemikal Underground /Beggars album) Co-Prod/Rec/Mix/Drums
The Great Eastern (Chemikal Underground /Beggars album) Co-Prod/Drums
Hate (Mantra album) Co-Prod
Universal Audio (Chemikal Underground album) Co-Prod/Rec
Sparrow & The Workshop Crystals Fall (Distiller Records album) Prod/Rec/Mix
Into The Wild (Distiller Records mini album) Mix
Miaoux Miaoux Light Of The World (Chemikal Underground album) Mix
Twilight Sad Forget The Night Ahead (Fat Cat album) Co-Prod/Rec/Mix
Fourteen Autumns And Fifteen Winters (Fat Cat album) Rec
Deacon Blue Forthcoming album
Admiral Fallow Tree Bursts In Snow (Proper album) Prod/Mix
Boots Met My Face album Prod/Rec/Mix
Jonny Jonny (Alsatian Records album) Rec/Mix
Found Factorycraft (Chemikal Underground album) Mix
Bwani Junction Fully Cocked (Aksatak album) Prod/Mix
Brakes Touchdown (Fat Cat album) Rec/Mix
Emma Pollock Watch the Fireworks (4AD album) Co-Prod/Rec/Drums
Red Orange Green (Chemikal Underground album) Prod/Rec/Mix
The Burns Unit Sideshow (Proper Distribution album) Rec/Mix
Alasdair Roberts Too Long In This Condition (Navigator Records album) Rec/Mix
Woodenbox Vanishing Act (Electric Honey EP) Prod/Mix
Forthcoming album Prod/Mix
Sparrow & The Workshop Crystals Fall (Distiller Records album) Prod/Rec/Mix
Into The Wild (Distiller Records mini album) Mix
Camera Obscura Lets Get Out Of This Country (Merge single tracks) Rec/Mix
The Unwinding Hours The Unwinding Hours (Chemikal Underground album) Rec
Come On Gang Strike A Match album Prod/Mix
Lord Cut-Glass Lord Cut-Glass (Chemikal Underground) Prod/Rec/Mix
Malcolm Middleton Sleight Of Heart (Full Time Hobby album) Rec/Mix/Drums
5.14, Fluoxytine, Seagull, Alcohol, John, Nicotine (Chemikal Underground album) Rec
Into The Woods (Chemikal Underground album) Rec/Drums
Zoey Van Goey Forthcoming album (Chemikal Underground) Prod/Rec/Mix
The Cage Was Unlocked All Along (Chemikal Underground album) Prod/Rec/Mix
Wake The President You Can't Change That Boy (Electric Honey album) Prod/Rec/Mix
Forthcoming album Prod/Rec/Mix
The Fruit Tree Foundation First Edition album Rec/Mix
Aerogramme A Story In White (Chemikal Underground album) Eng/Mix
Teenage Fanclub Man Made (Merge singles) Eng/Mix
Blueskies Souvenir (Killing Moon Ep) Mix
Mother And The Addicts Take The Lovers Home Tonight (Chemikal Underground album) Co-Prod/Rec
Science Fiction Illustrated (Chemikal Underground) Co-Prod/Rec/Mix
Sluts Of Trust We Are Sluts Of Trust (Chemikal Underground album) Prod/Rec/Mix
Ballads Of The Book Various Artists incl. Vashti Bunyan, King Creosote, James Yorkston, Mike Heron, Trashcan Sinatras (Chemikal Underground album) Eng/Mix
The Dirty Demographic Forthcoming album Rec
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