Transgressive Records Singles Compilation Vol.1

Various Artists - Transgressive Records Singles Compilation Vol.1


The Subways: 

1) 1am

2) I want to hear what you’ve got to say

3) You got me

4) Oh Marie

5) What’s it worth?

6) Final Song

7) It’s the music (they’re dancing to)

8) Can’t kid a kidder
Mystery Jets: 

9) Zoo Time

10) Lizzie’s Lion
The Pipettes: 

11) ABC

12) Judy

13) Simon Says
Bloc Party: 

14) The Answer
The Rakes: 

15) 22 Grand job


- At 1AM-The Subways [Video]

- I Want To Hear What You Have To Say-The Subways [Live Video]
- Oh Marie-Ladyfuzz [Video]

- The Man With The Monochrome View-Ladyfuzz [Live Video]

- Zoo Time-Mystery Jets [Video]

Annos Italy-Mystery Jets [Live Video]

- It's The Music They're Dancing To-burningpilot [Video]

- burningpilot [Short Film] (with hidden easter egg!)

- ABC-The Pipettes [Live Video]

- Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me-The Pipettes [Live Video]

- The Decision-The Young Knives [Live Video]

- Weekends And Bleakdays-The Young Knives [Video]
- Six Queens-Larrikin Love [Video]

- I Believe In The Way That You Move-Jeremy Warmsley [Video]

- 5 Verses-Jeremy Warmsley [Live Video]

- Demons-Battle [Video]

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