As part of Transgressive Records 5th Birthday celebrations, flagship band Young Knives promise a huge treat for fans. The band have asked fans to choose the tracks which they want them to perform on the night.

Will you vote for summer smash 'Weekends and Bleakdays (Hot Summer)' Or the epic 'Turn Tail' Or the mosh-friendly 'She's Attracted To' or even one of their classic b-sides?

The band will create a set list from the most popular songs as voted for below... perhaps with a special treat for the encore.

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Results so far:

  1. 1. Counters
  2. 2. Worcestershire Madman
  3. 3. Current of the river
  4. 4. Terra Firma
  5. 5. Up All Night
  6. 6. Loughborough Suicide
  7. 7. Weekends and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)
  8. 8. Here Comes The Rumour Mill
  9. 9. The Decision
  10. 10. She's attracted to
  11. 11. Guess the Baby's Weight
  12. 12. Turn Tail