Previously named Killing Moon, Battle reached out to us with their sensitive blend of c86 and shoegazing influences, combined with some of the most ambitious songwriting we've encountered.


After a debut single on Fierce Panda, we released ‘Demons’ on to an unprepared world.

Tours with Bloc Party and the Rakes soon followed, as well as gigs with New Order. The debut album’s troubled birth (a number of different sessions and producers) bore exquisite fruits though, in the form of a mini album; ‘Back to Earth’, stand alone single ‘Children’ (and stellar b-sides) and full length ‘Break the Banks’ before the band split over creative differences.

‘Tendency’ proved one of our first top 40 hits, and songs such as ‘Sit With Me’ will melt even the frostiest heart.


Break The Banks

Back To Earth


Demons / Damascus