Johnny Flynn is a singer, composer, musician, and actor. His musical releases to date include the albums A Larum (2008), Been Listening (2010), Country Mile (2013), Sillion (2017), Lost In The Cedarwood (2021) and The Moon Also Rises (2023).


He has released two full live albums, Live in Washington DC (2014) and Live at the Roundhouse (2018) and various EPs and soundtracks. As well as touring the world with his band, Johnny regularly composes music for film, TV and theatre – including work for period instruments at the Globe Theatre.

Johnny’s recent acting projects include Hangmen and True West (for which he also composed the music) on stage and Emma, Beast, Stardust, The Dig and The Score (which includes re-workings of many songs from his catalogue and a new soundtrack) on film. His latest records “Lost in the Cedar Wood”, “Six Signs : Six Songs (Inspired by Susan Cooper’s the Dark Is Rising)” and “The Moon Also Rises” have been in collaboration with Robert Macfarlane.”



The Moon Also Rises

Johnny Flynn Presents: 'The Score' (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Lost in the Cedar Wood

Live at the Roundhouse


Live in Washington DC, Solo

Country Mile

A Bag Of Hammers

Been Listening

A Larum