The most important US indie band of recent times joined Transgressive for their classic third album 'Wincing the Night Away'.


Released by our friends Sub Pop around the rest of the world, this album saw James Mercer pushing his songwriting into new areas and featured the unforgettable songs ‘Phantom Limb’, ‘Turn on Me’ and ‘Australia’.

The first release on Transgressive was an individually made 7″ with a Polaroid taken by each member of the band, and we brought them over for some classic shows, including their biggest sell-out gig to date at the mammoth Hammersmith Apollo.

Their debut full length, Oh, Inverted World caused a seismic shift in the indie rock world upon its release in 2001, singlehandedly ushering in the modern era of the genre. With six full length albums released to date, including The Worm’s Heart which is comprised of “flipped” or alternate/opposite versions of each of the original songs on Heartworms, the band continues to redefine and push the boundaries of indie and alternative music.


Sea Legs

Turn On Me


Wincing The Night Away

Phantom Limb