Marika’s Hackman’s ‘Big Sigh’

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Today, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Marika Hackman releases her highly anticipated new album, Big Sigh, via Chrysalis Records. Her first album in four years, Marika has retired some of the snarl and growl that typified her previous two albums in favour of introspection and complexity. Never releasing the same album twice, Big Sigh is the sound of Marika in the next stage of her constant journey.

Big Sigh sees Marika leave the carnal days of her 20s behind, crafting a beautiful and complex piece of work which is less a photo-real documentation of the moment, but more like an artist peering through a gap in a door to reassess her former life. Big Sigh – the “hardest record” Marika has ever made – is, as its title suggests, a release of sorts. It is an edifying blend of sadness, stress and lust, but mostly – and crucially – that of relief.

Previously released singles in the lead up to the album were the anxiety fighting anthem “No Caffeine”, contrast capturing “Hanging”, the steaming hot “Slime” ​​a song about the tremulous beginnings of a relationship, which was Playlisted at BBC Radio 6 and album closer “The Yellow Mile”. Where some of Marika’s early records pummelled the gut, forthcoming new album Big Sigh toys more with the mind. Marika’s records have always had a wry, disturbing preoccupation with bodily expulsions – blood, puke and beyond. These are all the physical elements of being alive that make Marika feel out of control, the ones she so desperately avoids in real life but on this album she confronts corporeality with brutal honesty.

In her never-ending pursuit of untangling her internal universe and exploring complex melodies, she has made her most honest and brave album yet. Not only has Marika played every instrument save for the brass and strings on Big Sigh, co-directed all accompanying videos but produced the record too, along with Sam Petts-Davies [Thom Yorke, Warpaint] and long-term collaborator Charlie Andrew. “I’d always produced on my records, but I’d never backed myself enough to actually say that I had. I liked being a sponge and I saw the first two thirds of my career as a learning experience – I would sit back in a slightly deferential position to allow the dynamic to work. With this album I got to a point where I realised I’d done the learning, I knew what to do.”

On previous albums Marika has explored many genres, enough that on Big Sigh she was able to land somewhere in the middle of all previous work. Marika wants everything to be growth as a songwriter and now producer, Big Sigh has a lot of the through line of her first record, but without any of the naivety, like a grownup’s take of that record, but with the sense of sonic adventure and dynamics of the following two. Big Sigh has its own identity, sometimes rough, sometimes beautiful, often both.

As part of the physical release, the album is available as an exclusive indie stores coloured vinyl with a limited edition print plus a very limited and numbered screen-print created by Marika for Rough Trade shops, and signed formats with a bonus acoustic CD from the official store. Marika has announced a January in store tour which will be followed by a headline UK and EU tour.

Instore Tour
^12/01/2024 January – Resident Brighton instore & signing SOLD OUT
*13/01/2024 – Rough Trade East instore & signing SOLD OUT
^15/01/2024 – Rough Trade Nottingham instore & signing
^16/01/2024 – Rough Trade Bristol instore & signing SOLD OUT
^17/01/2024 – Banquet Kingston instore & signing (x2 shows)

*band show
^ intimate solo acoustic set

UK / EU Headline Dates
12/03/2024 – Glasgow, Scotland – Oran Mor
14/03/2024 – Manchester, England – Canvas
15/03/2024 – Leeds, England – The Wardrobe
16/03/2024 – Newcastle upon Tyne, England – The Cluny
18/03/2024 – Brighton, England – Concorde 2
19/03/2024 – Birmingham, England – Castle & Falcon
20/03/2024 – Bristol, England – Strange Brew
21/03/2024 – London, England – Hackney Church
08/04/2024 – Brussels, Belgium – Botanique
09/04/2024 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Tolhuistuin
11/04/2024 – Berlin, Germany – Hole44
12/04/2024 – Hamburg, Germany – Molotow
14/04/2023 – Cologne, Germany – Artheater
15/04/2024 – Paris, France – Petit Bain

Big Sigh Tracklist
1. The Ground
2. No Caffeine
3. Big Sigh
4. Blood
5. Hanging
6. The Lonely House
7. Vitamins
8. Slime
9. Please Don’t Be So Kind
10.The Yellow Mile