Mykki Blanco enters their Italian Cowboy era


Mykki Blanco today releases their latest EP, Postcards From Italia, insipred by a Summer in Italy. Having already released the huge rave track “Holidays In The Sun” last month, which was the first new music since 2022’s critically acclaimed album, Stay Close To Music, Postcards From Italia is filled with summer influenced music that flits between genres, from the rocky Americana of “Magic On My Back”, the nonstop jiving bassline of “Just A Fable”, to the melodic vocal harmonies on new single, “Love Fell Down Around Me”.

Produced again alongside electronic musician and producer FaltyDL, the influences on the six track EP take a left turn from Mykki’s usual sound as they enter what is described as their “Italian Cowboy Era”.

About the new single, Mykki said: “”Love Fell Down Around Me” is one of the coolest songs I think I’ve ever written. Produced by London duo God Colony it’s a record that as soon as it comes on it seems to float into the room and hang like a mysterious fog, it’s magnetic. This song was written about the breakup of a marriage quite simply but the narrator is quite pompous in a way, you can tell he really thinks a lot of himself. There is a kind of zen like nonchalance that I peppered into the songwriting that I hope shines through.”

Following European Festival dates in Denmark and France, Mykki Blanco has a show later this month in Athens, Greece, as well as a date at Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin this November. Dates are as follows:


30/09/23 – Plissken Presents, Athens, Greece
04/11/23 – Pitchfork Music Festival, Berlin, Germany

Tickets here.